Commercial Wind Systems

Small scale Commercial Wind Systems are a great opportunity for farms, wineries and rural businesses. They can often provide enough clean, renewable energy to offset the entire needs of a medium sized business.  We proudly distribute, install and maintain the Endurance Wind Power line of wind turbines.

Listed below are some of the main questions we receive about installing a small wind system.

Can I install it on my property?

To be able to receive all of the available incentives and meet most building code requirements you typically must have at least:

  • 1 acre of land which has no obstructions which could block the wind from the turbine.
  • A good wind resource of at least 5.5 meters / second is recommended. Check Your Wind speed Here ››
  • A minimum setback equal to the height of the tower.
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How much energy will it make?

The energy production that you receive from a Wind Turbine depends greatly on the wind resource in your area which is typically stated as the "Annual Average Hub Height Wind Speed". Check Your Wind speed Here ››


Power Curve

The example on the right is the power curve of the Endurance E-3120 Wind Turbine.  From this you will learn how much power the Wind Turbine will produce in a given wind speed.  Note that on the E-3120 the maximum power is reached at approximately 30 mph.  More Info ››

Annual Energy Production

The Annual Energy Production graph tells you what the turbine will produce on an annual basis when installed in an area that corresponds with the Annual Average Wind Speed.

How much does it Cost?

While the cost of installing a wind system depends a lot on the site conditions it is reassuring to know that in many circumstances up to 90% of the costs can be covered by incentives.

Cost of a residential wind turbine

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