Residential Energy Retrofits

A home energy retrofit is the best way to save money on your energy bills.  Most home energy remodels follow a specific 4-step path which starts with a home energy audit.

Step One - The home energy audit.

Most Home Energy Audits are actually made up of two parts. The very thorough "Test-in" is when we do the full inspection and test all of your home's systems.  The much quicker "Test-out is often conducted on the last day of work to make sure the work we did is making a difference. By comparing your pre-test and post-test data we are able to calculate how much of a reduction was obtained which allows you to see the results of the work. The home energy audit allows us to pinpoint energy leaks, determine the measures which bring you the highest value and set a baseline for the post test.

Step Two - The Report.

EPS scorecard

No matter what's wrong with your house, Energy Unlimited will find it. During the energy audit we will record all of the findings and analyze which options will provide you with desired results for the lowest cost. Whether it's health and safety issues, comfort issues or high energy bills that are your highest priority, Energy Unlimited will recommend the solution that provides you with the best "Bang for your Buck".

<< Click on the image to see a sample report.

Step Three - The Retrofit.

Worker installing solar panels

From Energy Efficient upgrades to Energy Producing solar systems our crews can handle it all.

Our products and services are installed to a different standard. We know how important it is to do the job right the first time around so you can be assured that Energy Unlimited has multiple safeguards in place to make sure any mistakes are corrected before we leave the job site. 

We understand that customer satisfaction is the key to running a successful business which is why we always use drop clothes, shoe booties and carpet masking so we leave the building in the same or better condition than when we arrived.

We know the things that are important to you so we always strive to be on time, on budget, courteous and professional.

Step Four - The Enjoyment.

Now you can relax knowing that you are living in a more safe, comfortable and affordable home.

Most people that complete a home energy retrofit notice the benefits immediately.  The most common things we here from our clients is that they are more comfortable, have less problems with allergies and start saving money on their energy bills within the first billing cycle.  In most cases our clients that finance their projects are saving more on their energy bills then they are spending per month for their upgrades.

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